Saturday, July 05, 2008

Matheson Family Reunion 2008

Matheson Family Crest FAC ET SPERA = Do and Hope
The Matheson Clan family reunion was held this weekend at Snydermill cabin just outside of Park City.

The Matheson Clan was brought together by these three beautiful ladies, my grandma Jeanne Matheson Hughes, Marge Matheson Sperry, and Mary Matheson, wife of Frank Matheson.

We had a huge group of people between the three lines, Hughes, Sperry, & Matheson. There were four generations for each line.
The first night entailed checking in and getting our family t-shirt, dinner, and get to know you games. We also got to watch old footage of my grandma and her brother and sister.
Because canasta is a true Matheson tradition, there were a few of us who stayed up late to get started into the competition, my parents, my cousin Sarah, and my mom's cousin Susan Lawrence.
Day 2

We started the July 4th morning with a color guard presentation by the Lawrence family. Gary and two of the boys are in the military. We also stopped to celebrate the other members in my family who service this country, including a birthday song and phone call to my Uncle Jordy who currently works at the pentagon.
After breakfast, we were in for a full scheduled day of games and activities. First up, making bottle rockets for the afternoon launching session. Josh and Dylan both made very nice rockets.
Next was the highland games, given the Matheson clan is Scottish. There was a Scottish relay race, a balloon toss, caber tossing, hammer throwing, and kickball. Plus there was a playground for the kids to run around on when they got bored watching the adults throw logs :-D

Josh had a blast hanging with the other kids, particularly my cousin Makaho. There was no shyness what so ever and that was a first! He was off playing non stop.

The rocket launching was awesome..better than fireworks. The kids loved pumping them full of air and the adults clapped and cheered as they took off in the sky.

The party continued into the night and through Saturday, but Josh and I had made plans for the 4th, so we left during the table games (after getting in a few rounds of canasta of course). I am sure missed out and a lot more fun.

Proud to be a Matheson!

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